Welcome to Succeed Home.
We are a community built by and for young learners.

It will be easier to start by stating what we are not. We are not for parents or teachers.
We are not here to prepare you for any kind of school. We are not about grades, tests, subjects, curriculums, or “succeeding at school”. We do not believe that learning and education only happen in the classroom. We have no agenda about how your education unfolds.

Before you go any further, if you are a parent or a teacher,
please visit our Facebook page made for and by parents and teachers.

Here we believe in the learner. We define a learner as someone who is interested in something. That’s all. We believe in people. We believe in people being interested and the power of intrigue.

We are by and for people who desire to take the lead in their own life and educational journey. To us, education and life are synonymous. When you are alive, you are learning.