Who we are in the world:

At Succeed Home, we believe in parent-child relationships, life-long learning, and community support. We are a unique organization, crafted solely for you and your educational experience.  We offer resources such as fun and insightful videos, tips, and social groups to support a fantastic homeschooling experience that inspires a drive for learning. Our mission is to support young learners, like you, in taking responsibility for their own learning.

Our experience:

With decades worth of homeschooling experience amongst our volunteers, we understand and know how to overcome many of the challenges of schooling from home. We have teachers and students here to answer your questions about home education and share about our experiences.

Our commitment:

Every one of our volunteers has had an extraordinary and empowering homeschooling experience, and our commitment is that you have a remarkable and life-changing educational experience, as well. 


On this site, we can help you build a community around your education so that your parents are not your only teachers.

Education in the
in the time of a pandemic

Many of you are suddenly finding yourselves in new territory regarding your school and education. We are here to help you find the opportunities that these situations present, and to provide resources for your social and mental health.